ID_02122019I am a researcher currently working at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en) and based in Ispra (Italy).

My research lies at the interface between ecology, evolution and conservation biology. I am particularly interested in investigating biodiversity patterns and the processes that shape them – including anthropogenic pressures – to guide conservation strategies. Specifically, I pursue two main goals: i) understand eco-evolutionary responses of biodiversity to anthropogenic pressures and ii) identify geographic zones and/or lineages of high conservation priority. I have been addressing these issues on a variety of groups (seaweeds, invertebrates, fishes, and mammals), ecosystems (marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems), spatial scales (from the local to the global scale) and biodiversity facets (genetic diversity, taxonomic diversity, trait diversity and phylogenetic diversity).

In parallel, I have a strong interest in sharing scientific knowledge and transform it into public policy decision-making. I do so through my teaching and supervising activities and also through knowledge dissemination for the general public and institutional stakeholders.