20160220_6246I am currently a lecturer (ATER) at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, working in the lab Biologie des Organismes et Ecosystèmes Aquatiques in the team Biodiversité et Macroécologie directed by Bernard Hugueny.

My research focuses on aquatic biodiversity and its dynamics. I am particularly interested in investigating biodiversity patterns at different levels of organisation (genetic diversity and species diversity) and facets (phylogenetic diversity and trait diversity) to understand how historical and contemporary processes, including anthropogenic pressures, create these patterns.

I’ve been addressing these issues mostly on seaweed-dominated rocky shores and try now to embrace a wider range of aquatic ecosystems. To carry out this interdisciplinary approach of biodiversity structure and evolution, I combine several disciplines (e.g. community ecology, population genetics, biogeography, macroecology, phylogenetics, genomics, functional ecosystem ecology, conservation) and favour work in collaboration with national and international researchers from these various disciplines.

In parallel, I have a strong interest in sharing scientific knowledge. I do so through my important teaching activity in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Life Sciences but also through knowledge dissemination for the general public and for institutional stakeholders.